ready made frames

Professional photographers tend to talk in aspect ratios.  Aspect ratio is the term used to describe the dimensions (width & height) of your image in ratio form.  Each image on this site has been presented using the best ratio for its composition, that is why images are available in specific sizes.

Some Ready Made Frames provide you a mat (the cardboard border) and you have the choice of using the mat or taking it out and having the photo right to the edge of the frame.  You will have to decide on whether to use the mat or not before deciding on the size of print to order.  For example if using the Ribba* square frame from Ikea* with a mat, the 12”x12” (30cmx30cm) print would be ordered, however, if you don’t use the mat, then the 20”x20” (50cmx50cm) print would be ordered.

In Australia you can purchase Ready Made Frames from Ikea, Spotlight, Myers, Kmart and discount stores as well as online. Overseas buyers also have many options available to them.