Exclusive Photo Art for decorating interiors

Quality Photo Art is the finishing element that will pull a space together and make an area look complete.

Original pieces of Photo Art can become a talking point of the space.

From a small frame as part of a vignette on a table to a centre piece above a table, we have you covered.

Why decorate your walls with Photography?

Hanging quality photo art will enhance any room or decor. Photo art is the finishing element that will pull a space together, taking a room from functional to finished and giving the space that extra wow factor.

Where do I start in deciding on what to choose?

The key to success is choosing pieces that fit in with your decorating style and colour palette. Take into account your wall colour, furnishings, pillows, throws, and curtains to create a palette of colours to look for in your photo art.

In the Decorating With Photography’s online shop you will find pieces sorted by their design factor such as Landscapes, Urban and Retro, or by their Trending Colour and Orientation, or maybe browse for multiple prints in Complementing Sets of two or more.

How do I choose the right size and combination?

Think about the wall orientation. Tall narrow walls will work best with art of a similar shape created in a portrait (vertical) orientation. Horizontal wall spaces (often found over couches, or in a hallway) work best with a larger landscape (horizontal) oriented artwork, or a group of smaller squares or vertical pieces grouped together to give the total landscape shape. Gallery walls of prints in different sizes and shapes are really popular at the moment. We stock images from very small to large.

Take into consideration the size and shape of fully framed pieces. Hang your photo art so it is centred at eye level, a great way to check if it is going to fit well is to cut out pieces of paper the size of your frames and tape them to the wall then stand back.

Bringing a group of photographs of a similar theme together and with the same frame style ties it all together in a polished fashion. Choosing works by the same artist in a common style will bring a cohesive and curated feel to the art on display. Decorating With Photography has taken the hard work out of it for you by having sets of photographs in themes and colours ready to purchase in standard sizes to fit most ready-made frames or to be professionally presented by the framer of your choice.